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User Testimonial: Paul B., New Jersey

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

“I left New Jersey on June 18th and made it to Regina, SK, Canada, in 4 days. The mileage varied from 561 miles to 535 miles. Sitting on my AIRHAWK made it that much easier and enjoyable to go that far. In fact all three riders are sitting on AIRHAWKs.

I have had two spinal fusion surgeries, first in 1996 T-12 thru L-3, then in 2008 my L-4 burst when I was hit by a pick-up truck in a parking lot. Now I am fused from T-12 thru L-5. Some days it hurts just to get out of bed, mostly on rainy or cold, damp days. It rained about the last six or seven out of the 12 days it took to get to Anchorage and I was “good to go” thanks to my AIRHAWK. It truly ‘SAVED MY ASS!’ Thanks AIRHAWK for a great product and to Becca for all her emails and encouragement.”