Airman’s Comfort Taking Off with AIRHAWK

We love getting letters and emails from AIRHAWK users who rave about how much our products help “save their asses.” Well, one letter really stood out to us and brings a whole new meaning to “saving your ass,” because that’s what Peter Pelayic does for a living.

Transporting vital personnel and parts to support coalition troops on the ground in Afghanistan, Peter often spends the equivalent of an entire work day flying in his Bell-212 twin engine medium-lift chopper.

“I’ve had a lot of fun flying this helicopter,” Peter said. “It’s a workhorse, but it’s very reliable and stable.”

Speaking of a reliable and stable workhorse, Peter never jumps behind the controls of his Bell-212 without his AIRHAWK cushion.

“If not for this AIRHAWK pad, I would not be able to fly the 8+ hour-long days over the mountainous terrain in my 212,” Pelayic said.

All of us at AIRHAWK are proud to help service members like Peter. It puts what we do in a little bit more perspective. We appreciate and salute our brave men and women and uniform.
If you know of anyone using AIRHAWK during training or deployment, we would love to know about it. If you have a story or photos of how you use your AIRHAWK, please post them to our Facebook page:

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