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May is “Motorcycle Awareness Month”

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has declared May as “Motorcycle Awareness Month” in an effort to increase awareness for non-motorcycle drivers. Many organizations and state governments have created commercials, videos, used social media and other materials to spread the word about motorcycle safety. Browse through a few of the campaigns that we found and let us know what you think.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has several resources available on their Web site including flyers and posters, new releases, a fact sheet and more.

On May 23, more than 200 motorcyclists wearing neon shirts came together in Austin, TX at the Barton Creek Square Mall to spread awareness. Texas Department of Transportation has also created their own campaign.

Here is a video from the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Foundation.

Missouri produced a series of TV and radio commercials along with flyers that featured the Mizzou Football coach, Gary Pinkel.