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AIRHAWK Spotlight — Craig Johnson

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

For each edition of the newsletter, I wanted to spotlight a member of the AIRHAWK crew, but I didn’t want to just write a typical biography — snooze. I wanted a way to really showcase the entertaining personalities of the people behind the brand — I’m pretty sure that “absurd sense of humor” and “able to withstand intense amounts of sarcasm” are listed in our job requirements! Instead, I asked each team member the most random ice breaker questions that I could find. The first newsletter starts with the newest addition to AIRHAWK — Craig Johnson, AIRHAWK National Sales Manager of the Motorcycle Division. Heads up, I threw my own commentary in on a few of the answers. My comments are noted in italics and gray. Look for spotlights of other AIRHAWK team members in the upcoming newsletters. The next one will come out in January. Enjoy!

-Danielle Danielle Boenisch

eMarketing and Support Surface Product Coordinator



Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson, AIRHAWK National Sales Manager, motorcycle division

(While this isn’t his typical AIRHAWK attire, Craig insisted that I use this photo. Don’t ya know, he’s a classy guy. “Think of me like Yoda, but instead of being little and green I wear suits and I’m AWESOME. I’m your bro—I’m Broda!”)


Hometown: I was raised primarily in Brainerd, Minn.,and never really moved more than 15 miles away. I like it there.

Current City: Brainerd, Minn.

Marital Status: Single

Describe Your Job.

It’s my kinda party! (Someone’s been listening to way too much Jason Aldean. See Craig’s favorite song below.) I travel all over the country working with dealers, distributors and customers to save asses.

Favorite Food:

Venison, it has to be on the grill though. I like everything about it! Hunting it, cutting it up and especially grilling it! (Awe, poor Bambi!)

Favorite Song:

That’s a tough one. There are too many good ones. I’d have to say the question should be, what’s on your iPod? Ha-ha, Jason Aldean was the artist of choice on the plane here (Las Vegas BikeFest). “My Kinda Party” is probably what I would say right now.

Favorite Movie:

Hmm…I’m not really much of a movie guy, but any of the “Rocky” movies, or probably “Pure Country,” maybe The World’s Fastest Indian.” Can I say tie?

Favorite Video Game:

“Rock Band” or “Guitar Hero.” They’re the same thing, but I like to have friends over and play it. We kick all the kids off for the night though. We’re like a garage band, but with screaming fans!

What was your best subject in school?

Believe it or not, my best subject was math.

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

What kind of a question is that?! Would you not agree that I am a super hero?! You have traveled with me! (I do have to say that he’s saved me a few times. Stranger danger is real.)

If a movie was being made of your life, who would you cast to play you?

I think that I’d have to go with Van Wilder, Ryan Reynolds. He has the same kind of attitude, but I’ve been told that I look like Michael J. Fox. He’d be good, too.

Paper or Plastic?

Paper, cash is always better. But if you are talking about bags, still paper! I don’t like to burn the plastic, and I like to burn stuff! (Can we say pyromaniac?)

If you owned a CB radio, what would your handle be?

Ha! I DID have a CB radio! Long before your time, Danielle, they were cool! Well we thought so. My handle was “The Wanderer.” (Craig always has to rub in it in that I’m the baby of the crew and only 24-years-old. Craig doesn’t know that CB radios will always be cool — there are CB radio apps for my iPhone.)

What is your favorite place that you have traveled?

I would have to say the Yellowstone area. I go in the fall when there aren’t a bunch of people around. As it turns out, I like to get away from people when I can, to small towns and nothingness.

What’s the closest you’ve come to becoming a pop star or winning an Oscar?

I’m pretty sure they used my likeness for the Oscar statue so that puts me all over that program! (You be the judge.)

If you knew that you could not fail, what would you do?

I’d do whatever I wanted to. I’d probably take another shot at racing professionally. Wait…is there a guarantee against injury somewhere?

What do you like best about your hometown?

I like that it isn’t a big city but it’s big enough not to be boring. There is a huge variety of motorsports in the area, and for the outdoorsman there are over a hundred lakes within a 60-mile radius.

If you could be one kind of beer, what would you be and why?

A cold refreshing kind that ladies would drink!

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Cozumel, Mexico. I love it there. Nothing to do but relax, beat the crap out of their rental scooters and drink. Nobody can get a hold of me there and when the locals get pissed at me, it’s in Spanish so I don’t understand.

What internet site do you surf the most?


Name three things that you think will become obsolete in ten years.

Me, myself and I. (Well, that’s depressing.)

What is your favorite movie/TV show quote?

“Where most people’s shame gland is, I have a second “AWESOME” gland. True story.” —Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother”

What TV game show would you go on and why?

Wipeout! Have you seen this show? It fits an adrenaline junkie like me! (I’d like to see this with Craig competing against the Ass Pad Tycoon. “It’s going to be legen…wait for it…and I hope you’re not lactose-intolerant cause the second half of that word is…DAIRY! Legendary!”)

Describe a typical day for you.

Ha! There is no typical day in the life of a super hero. That’s the best part of my life and this job. There is no routine!

AIRHAWK next to Biker’s Choice and Teutel Jr’s new bike

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

sturgis_parkingYou don’t have to be a motorcycle enthusiast to know about the legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. This year’s rally marks the 70th anniversary of the event held August 9-15, with pre-rally events beginning on the 6th. The events won’t fall short for the anniversary, whether it’s the Guitar Hero contest, the World Pickle Lickin’ Federations World Championships, the Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Pageant or the extreme motorcycle stunts.

AIRHAWK will be next to Biker’s Choice where Paul Teutul Jr. will debut the first bike from the new TLC series American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior. Biker’s Choice and AIRHAWK will both be in front of J&P Cycles (1650 Lazelle Street). After you check out the new bike, stop by the AIRHAWK booth.

As a part of AIRHAWK’s 14th year at Sturgis, KSQY radio station will also be broadcasting live from the AIRHAWK tent.